Thursday, October 11, 2007

Britney forced to cut topless scenes from raunchy video

Britney Spears has been forced to tone down the video for her comeback single 'Gimme More'.
In the original video, the singer flashed her breasts and appeared with what look like leaves covering her bare nipples.
However, The Sun reports that the singer has now cut out those topless scenes.
As to why Britney would take a step like this, well that's because US censors would have only allowed the video to be broadcast at night if the cut had not been made.
And while fans will not get to see Britney topless, they will be able to hear her new album sooner than expected, for record label Jive has decided to release it earlier than the Nov. 13 date.
The album, Blackout, will now be available to fans on Oct 30 due to 'unauthorised leaks'.
Though Jive has not detailed Blackout's tracks beyond "Gimme More", it has been reported that the album will feature the songs "Heaven on Earth," "Piece of Me," "Break the Ice" and "Radar," one of the leaked cuts.