Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Radcliffe found buzz over nude scene hilarious

Daniel Radcliffe found it 'hilarious' when people freaked out when he first dropped his clothes on the London stage in 'Equus'.
The 18-year old Harry Potter star told a foreign news agency that though he doesn't have any inhibitions against getting naked if the part requires it, he acknowledged the fact that his nude scene in the play had a lot of people talking.
He also admits that he found the hullabaloo over the scene extremely funny.
"It was hilarious," Usmagazine.com quoted him, as telling the agency.
He also reveals that part of all the buzz is people's wish to continue seeing him as a 'Peter Pan' character who never grows old and stays the young Harry Potter kid.
"Cause, I don't know, maybe they want me to be Peter Pan and stay young forever, some people," he said.
People have got used to seeing him naked however, now that he's done the scene '128 times'.
Radcliffe also revealed that 'Equus' might soon be coming to Broadway.