Thursday, August 16, 2007

Britney Spears Photographed In Lesbian Romp

Oops she did it again. Britney Spears has been photographed indulging in a steamy lesbian pool romp with her former personal assistant, Shannon Funk.
The photos – which emerged just weeks after she was snapped getting intimate with an extra from her music video – show the pair groping each others breast and kissing.
“Even though the pool was closed, some people still saw them – and their jaws hit the floor” a source told a British newspaper.
“Britney seemed more into this girl than she has ever been into a guy.
A friend of the pop-tart added: “Britney did get raunchy with the guys, but that was nothing compared to what she did with Shannon.
“Even though the hunks were hot, Britney made a beeline to cavort with Shannon.”
”Shannon’s been a great pal to Britney through very tough times. It was inevitable they’d end up very close – but no-one knew just how close.”
The photos come at a bad time for the Toxic star, who is the midst of a bitter custody battle with ex Kevin Federline.
The wannabe rapper’s attorney has served Spears’ cousin and former bodyguard with a deposition subpoena, which will force the pair to take the stand and comment on Britney’s (lack of) parenting skills.