Friday, August 10, 2007

Mel B's Marriage Was News to Spice Girls!

Spice girl Mel B's secret marriage to long-time friend Stephen Belafonte left bandmates dumbfounded, as its revelation was news for them too.
According to sources, the Scary Spice kept everyone in dark including other Spice girls, her family and even her daughter Phoenix.
"Mel didn't tell the other girls and she hadn't told her family," the Sun quoted the source, as saying.
"Mel didn't tell anyone about her wedding. I don't think even her daughter Phoenix knew about it," the source said.
The singer even signed a pre-nup with Belafonte after being ripped off in the divorce settlement with ex-hubby dancer Jimmy Gulzar and to avoid any hassles in her re-union tour.
The source revealed that the 32-year-old kept her marriage a top-secret as she was planning to throw a big bash later this year.
The singer believed it was not the right time to talk about wedding when she was in the middle of a daughter Angel's paternity battle with actor Eddie Murphy.
"She thought the timing looked bad given she is in the middle of a paternity battle with Eddie Murphy," the source said.
Mel B wed producer Belafonte at the 'drive-thru' Special Memory Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on June 6.


Just days after 's secret wedding was revealed, comes the disturbing news that he once beat up an ex-girlfriend during a drink-fuelled frenzy.
Belafonte lashed out at his then girlfriend, and mother of his young daughter, Nicole Contreras, on May 2003.
Contreras called the cops and Belafonte was then charged with battery and vandalising her phone, in which he reportedly spat into.
Court papers filed 24 hours later state that Belafonte of "willfully and unlawfully" using violence against Contreras.
At the time of his arrest, Belafonte pleaded "no contest" to the battery charge - which the judge stated was the same as a guilty plea, though later he stated that when pleading 'no contest', he had not realised he was admitting battering Nicole.
Belafonte narrowly escaped jail, but was given probation and forced to take part in a "Domestic Violence Batterers' Programme", reports the Mirror.
He began the programme in 2003, but was twice thrown out for skipping an excessive number of classes. The producer eventually completed the course in August 2005, at the time of which his tutor's report said: He has shown a good understanding of ways to channel his anger and remain violence-free."
However, it seems that this is not all that Belafonte has failed to mention to his new wife, for he also forgot to tell her, and to add on his wedding certificate, that he had also been married before.
In addition to this comes, another ex-girlfriend, also revealed that he had cheated on her throughout their relationship.
A friend of Scary Spice said that though the singer had been left shocked about Belafonte's past, she had always known that he was "no angel".
"Mel knows he's no angel," the pal said.