Monday, August 20, 2007

Topless PornStars Parade Gets Green Light

Auckland's famous annual Boobs on Bike parade is set to hit the city streets again, after getting a green light from the Auckland City Council.
According to the organizers, the notorious parade of topless porn stars, a lead up to the annual Erotica Expo, will attract a crowd of over 100,000 people, principally men, to the city's Queen street.
The parade, which starts at 12.45pm on August 29 and runs from upper Queen St to Quay St, is being seen as the biggest parade in New Zealand this year.
Parade organizer Sandy Watts said that it is for the first time that Auckland City Council has approved it without any objection. Last year Mayor Dick Hubbard supported attempts to ban the procession, saying it was degrading to women.
Watts said that organizers, who had met with council staff on several occasions this year to discuss the parade, were happy with the result.
However, Conservative family lobby group Family First NZ has condemned the Auckland City Council’s decision.
"This is a `lame duck' council who is not willing to act in the best interests of families and children," quoted National Director Bob McCoskrie, as saying.
McCoskrie added that Family First was calling for an urgent resolution of the council revoking the permit.