Thursday, August 16, 2007

Courtney Love Gets Naked

Courtney Love has stripped down for the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, wearing little more than a diamond necklace.
In the September issue - which hits newstands at the end of the month- the gaunt rocker tackles the much publicised issue of her weight.
On her upcoming solo album Nobody’s Daughter:
“It’s the first time I’ve written sober…the first time I’ve written from a really deep, dark place.”

On her apology for wearing faux Chanel:
“I wrote Mr. Lagerfeld a letter, an in-depth apology…I offered to pay for the dress, throw him a party, do whatever I needed to do to make up for this horrific thing.”

And she continues:
“In a way, it’s insanely subversive, because I don’t think anyone has done fake couture before. But honest to God, I did not know. I hope it was burned.”

On Karl Lagerfeld:
“I really connected with Karl in a way that I didn’t think I was going to…from the ponytail to the image and the persona, I didn’t think we were going to click, but I ended up genuinely and sincerely liking the man.”

On the fashion world’s feelings toward her:
“The fashion world, they don’t trust me anymore…and why should they? I looked like crap for years…I didn’t know what a season was. Someone had to explain it to me.”

On her weight loss:
“I’ve lost a lot of weight, and I have done it through being quite disciplined… Some people think it’s about weight loss, but it’s about detoxing.”

On some actresses' dieting habits:
“I hate reading magazines where the actresses are saying ‘Broccoli and fish, broccoli and fish.’ You liars. You bulimic liars.”

On her look in 1994 when she was interviewed by Barbara Walters:
“I pulled my hair up into what I thought was a chignon, and I just had eyeliner on, basically. Did you ever see Matt Lauer and Britney Spears? Well, I was more Grand Guignol than that. More horror show.”

On her troubled past:
“I cracked. And I cracked in public, and so I lost all of my credibility. For many years, I took pills. I felt like I had this dirty secret. Other people can have glasses ofwine and things like that because they’re normal people who can do things like that. But if you’re allergic to that stuff, you just are, and you can’t.”