Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lachey and Minnillo's X-rated hot-tub romp pops up in magazine

Singer/actor Nick Lachey and lady love Vanessa Minnillo are the new ‘steamy’ pair in town, for after the circulation of few bare-all pics, its now the turn of their entire X-rated hot-tub romp.
US magazine Life and Style had earlier published some steamy pictures of the couple last month swapping spit in a Jacuzzi at a private Mexican resort, but several photographs that showed Nick and Vanessa in different sexual positions were still unreleased till now.
In spite of Jessica Simpson's ex-hubby’s best efforts to prevent the release of pics that depicted him bedding his new flame, they have appeared in a Spanish magazine, The Sun reports.
The couple had hired 'pit bull lawyer' Marty Singer to stop these pics from being published.
Meanwhile, Nick and Vanessa had agreed to discuss the hot tub incident in an exclusive interview to OK! Magazine